selflessness I Hate The Mosh Pits


I hate the Mosh Pits with all of my heart and souls of souls.
Selflessness people playing stupid games with no meaning,
two minutes of fame and glory;
A self-gratification of spirit with no meaning or
thoughts for their personal being or their safety.
Its dangerous and immature. Lets not try it because I’m afraid
of high places and people with no muscles or brains.



Today we viewed more of how to video tape professionally and to come out of that novice state of new beginnings. I wonder if our instructor lives and breaths photo journalist; I think that we can say without a doubt he lives and breaths photo,videoing and creating new situations for viewers to see and interpret with an emotional effectiveness .
I enjoy the class because it has taught me about how to navigate thought the social system of the Internet and give me a progressive network.