I am starting something new , since I am a reporter for “THE REVIEW”; I will begin daily postings; call the unofficial review for students and alumni and any one that is curious to find news about what’s happening around campus.
I believe there is need for information about news and information not regular publish by our regular new service .
Please send to me your followings if you agree with my proposal .



Today we viewed more of how to video tape professionally and to come out of that novice state of new beginnings. I wonder if our instructor lives and breaths photo journalist; I think that we can say without a doubt he lives and breaths photo,videoing and creating new situations for viewers to see and interpret with an emotional effectiveness .
I enjoy the class because it has taught me about how to navigate thought the social system of the Internet and give me a progressive network.

A typical day at the news journal with fun and laugher

A typical day at the news journal; fun and laugher while getting the work done and being efficient as worker bee’s;isn’t that a nice job I can almost sense the happiness in the air.
working to fulfill something is a very pleasant feeling to most people who have a wish to fulfill there goals.

news room

The new journal is an old news paper that needs an innovation to contend with talented writers that have an emotional and video provocation.

The new journal is an old news paper that needs an innovation to contend with talented writers that have an emotional and video provocation.
My opinion is that they have every thing in place for a great paper ,but they need to kick start the business by dealing with heart fell ideals and sentiment on the local level which can be transferred to any level that is needed .what I mean by that that we are all emotional people base on what we love and what we hate, if you can harness there feeling you can win and win big .
Try a test market to see if it will work ,what do you have to lose!

Charles Dunn

Table topping

Miss Whitney Houston’s Golden life and her Platinum Goodbye

Whitney Houston’s Golden life and her Platinum Goodbye.


Whitney Houston’s Golden life and her Platinum Goodbye

Saying goodbye is not easy to say to someone who is portrayed as musical icon,
to be loved; in music and in song; her life was an ever and never-ending musical composition
representing a people, a culture, a life who had love deep in their hearts
and you can hear the music in your heart and soul when none are singing.
I remember going to my first Whitney Houston concert, it was in Philadelphia .
Her voice was so beautiful and her stage present was perfect to be hold,
she was like an angel who has to come visit .
No one knows anything about the future events but God
and sometimes we are given a sign or a glimpse before the event
is set into fast motion by events that we cannot control,
being of no fault of our own.
Farewell to a princess so fair ,
always to be remembered by her fans
never to be forgotten.


The Education Of The Architect

                                             The Education Of The Architect
 This study is so vast in extent; architecture is the development as if a young child brought out of necessity
 by a virtuous unity of ideas of reference to whom were given with a remarkable power of beauty that may be a
cultural content of a great society; the remarkable power of her sweet and gracious disposition . So from all
over the world they looked with wonder and adoration,believing it to be the work of the gods of Venus because
there beautiful shapes. They looked at the buildings with wonder; believing the finished product to be a living
concept from the bottom of a deep crystal sea of amazement. People no longer were amazed with, emotion, and
bewilderment and consciously ran to visit; and to pleasure the spirit and the soul. We mortals are worshiping
this structure gentleness and strength as to make a human being fall in love with the arrows of the heart .
We are all astonished at a building or an extremely beautiful building as we sit, with a strong appreciation
which delights the emotions.

Charles Dunn