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The Dangers of Aspartame (Nutrasweet AminoSweet Diet Coke Zero Pepsi Next Sucralose Neotame)

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Sweet Misery
 In 1983, the U.S. population began ingesting significant quantities of a substance
never before used for human consumption.Click Here!
 Artificial sweetener aspartame is quickly introduced to consumers.
 In 1984; 6,900,000 lbs of aspartame was consumed by Americans. This rate
doubles by the next year and continues to climb into the 90’s.
Dr. Russell Blaylock: Again, it’s this variability in your sensitivity to toxins. Some
people may notice very little of anything. A majority of people will have one of a number
of symptoms.
We know that aspartame — because it is poison that affects protein synthesis; because
it affects how the synapses operate in the brain; and because it affects DNA — can
affect numerous organs. So you can get a lot of different symptoms that seem
unconnected. Click Here!
But in looking at the list of symptoms submitted to the FDA, most of them are
neurological or in some way connected to the nervous system. So the nervous system
seems to be one of the areas that are most affected. So we see people having difficulty
thinking. They feel like they’re walking around in a cloud or a fog.
Dr. H.J. Roberts: Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, an additive. It’s a chemical. It’s Click Here!
not a natural product. It’s a chemical.
The molecule is made up of three components. Two are amino acids, the so-called
building blocks of protein. One is called phenylalanine which is about 50% of the
molecule and the other is aspartic acid which is like 40%.
The other 10% is a so-called methyl ester, which as soon as it’s swallowed becomes
free methyl alcohol – methanol (wood alcohol), which is a poison; a real poison.
… And then they rechallenge themselves knowingly or inadvertently. They serve
something in their neighbors house which they didn’t realized contained an aspartame
These set of symptoms and problems promptly recur within hours or a day or two.
Sometimes within minutes, and it does so repeatedly. That is more than anecdotal.
That is similar to the Koch postulates for infection. You isolate the cause and then you
inject it in the animal. You reproduce the problem.
Many of these individuals that have been aspartame reactors have tested themselves 5,
10, 20 times. Every time getting the same response, and then they realized that this
was legitimate cause and effect relationship.
Dr. Russell Blaylock: The G.D. Searle & Company, in the quest to get approval for
their product Aspartame, conducted a study on animals in which they fed some animals
like dose, medium dose, and high dose of the product. And then they used control
animals that supposedly did not get any of products. When they submitted this to the
FDA and the FDA looked at it, there was some question about the study.
One of the scientist and neuroscientist looked at some of this; he saw a lot of red flags.
He said there are some real questions here about tumors being caused by this product,
particularly brain tumors.
So they ordered a study to be done by the Bureau of Foods which was the precursor to
the FDA. Dr. Jerome Bressler was in charge of this group to look through the research
that had been done by G.D. Searle and that’s what the Bressler reported about. This is
the report here.
Basically, what it shows is that either a lot of purposeful shenanigans were carried on to
get this product approved, or as he states it, it was “the world’s worst research.”
The animals that died after being fed NutraSweet were not autopsied right away. Some
of them were not autopsied more than a year afterwards. And of course, the tissues
broke down and liquefied. So they couldn’t do proper studies on them, but they reported
it as if they had, and they reported these as normal.
They found that they were taking tumors and cutting them out and throwing them away
and saying the animal was normal. They had animal tissues that had obvious tumor in it
that were reported normal.
They had, in one of the cases here that’s reported, a lymph node that was enlarged.
This G.D. Searle pathologist reported it as a normal lymph node. But when the
scientists from the Bureau of Foods looked at it, they say it was an obvious
lymphosarcoma, highly malignant tumor.
The notations about the testicular atrophy were not noted. There were just numerous
things in this report that showed that, in my estimation, there was an effort to cover up
what was being found so that they could get approval.
Dr. H.J. Roberts: The bottom line was: here is the most tested product, additive, in
history. Now additives are important because aspartame was approved as a GRAS. It
means Generally Recognized as Safe product. In which case, unlike drugs, if people
have reactions to it, it does not have to be reported to the FDA.
Dr. Ralph G. Walton: What I found is really quite frightening, and that was that, yes,
there were many studies in the literature which did attest to aspartame safety. But they
were essentially all funded by the industry; either by Searle or the NutraSweet industry
or the diet soft drink industry. These were the individuals who sponsored, paid for the
There were independent studies, but virtually all of the independent studies, that is,
studies which were not funded by the industry, virtually all of them did identify one type
of problem or another with aspartame.
Dr. Russell Blaylock: But now, after years of retesting this, most authorities agree
there is no question that feeding MSG to animals produces this brain death. It’s not
questioned any longer, it’s a fact. There is even good studies that show that if you feed
pregnant animals MSG, their offspring has impaired brain function. And when you
measure the neurochemical analysis of the brain in the animal, it’s impaired all the way
through the animal’s youth up until adulthood, and they never quite recover from it.
The central mechanism that actually produces the destruction and damage to the brain
is the excitotoxicity. That’s pretty well agreed upon now. The frightening thing is that
we’re adding tons of these excitotoxins to our food either in the form of MSG or part of
the aspartame molecule, which his aspartic acid, which is an excitotoxin.
Dr. H.J. Roberts: Now, the amino acids are contained in food but if you have protein,
meat, fish and so forth, there may be 4% phenylalanine in the food, not 50%. We
simply, biologically, don’t know how to react to this flooding of these enormous amounts
of amino acids to the body, especially phenylalanine, which crosses the blood brain
barrier that’s meant to protect biologically against poisons and so forth.
Dr. Ralph G. Walton: It’s also what’s called a dipeptide that is, it is two amino acids
stuck together. One of those amino acids is something called phenylalanine.
Phenylalanine is the building block for another important neurotransmitter called
So when you take in aspartame, you will increase the availability of one and you will
decrease the availability of the other — you will change the ratios. And when you do that,
when you change ratios of norepinephrine and serotonin, you certainly affect brain
This can lead then to mood symptoms, to panic symptoms; in some people that will
affect seizure threshold, which is why I think I saw seizure in this initial patient back in
1985. And why I saw a lot of seizure activity in people who are taking in a great deal of
Dr. Russell Blaylock: They knew that this product aspartame with time breaks down
into a product called diketopiperazine. Diketopiperazine chemically is closely related to
a carcinogenic compound that causes cancer in a lot animals that are exposed to it, and
humans. So they asked the G.D. Searle & Company do a separate study with the
Well, when they looked at this study, they found some shenanigans as well.
One of the things is when you mix up the diketopiperazine with the animal’s food, you
have to homogenize it so that it is evenly distributed and the animal can’t see it and
avoid it. Well I’ve seen pictures of the feed and they left it in big clumps so the rats were
eating around it not actually eating the diketopiperazine.
There was also evidence that they were giving the diketopiperazine to the control
And of course this came out because in the original study, they found a 47-fold increase
in brain tumors. [But] in the diketopiperazine repeat study they said, “well, look, the
control animals and the aspartame-fed animals had the same incidence of brain
Well, when the neuropathologist looked at it, he said, “that’s kind of strange because
now your control animals have a very high incidence of brain tumors that is not naturally
found in these bodies.”
When they looked at the feed, they found out there were some mix ups of the feeds so
that the diketopiperazine was being fed to the control animals.
These are the sort of things that’s in the Bressler report that the makers of NutraSweet
would not like the public to know about because it’s very frightening. When the
pathologist, Dr. Adrian Gross looked at the material as well — a very well regarded
pathologist. He looked at it and he was absolutely shocked. He said, there is just an
enormous increase in tumors particularly the brain tumors, and of course that’s exactly
what we’re seeing now.
There is this tremendous increase in brain tumors in this country which is completely
unexplained by the neurological profession.
Dr. Ralph G. Walton: When the body metabolizes and it breaks down aspartame, you
wind up with a small amount of methanol, which is wood alcohol that in turn is broken
down into formaldehyde which the body cannot get rid of; the body stores it.
Now the industry has made a big deal about, supposedly, the fact–, it’s not really a fact,
but what they claim is that when you take in fruit, you take in more methanol.
They don’t have the fact that in nature, the methanol in fruit is bound to something
called pectin. Humans lack the enzyme to split the methanol off from pectin so it goes
through the body without doing any damage whatsoever.
The body doesn’t get exposed to the methanol because it’s bound to pectin.
So even though there is more of it, it’s totally harmless in fruit.
But with aspartame you have the pure unadulterated free methanol and then
formaldehyde. It’s a small amount but the body can’t get rid of it. It’s an accumulative
phenomenon so we have very toxic products.
Dr. Joseph Mercola: In 1981, the day after Ronald Reagan took office as U.S.
President, G.D. Searle reapplied for the approval of aspartame. It had previously been
denied several times.
The way this process works is they submit data that they generated and funded, so
clearly it’s going to be in favor of their product. The data submitted to the FDA
committee is not funded by the FDA. It’s not independently financed. It’s not objective.
The process is: this data is given to committee members who are typically scientists and
researchers in the field. This committee had five members who reviewed this heavily-
biased and prejudiced data. Even with that, three of the five chose to vote not to
approve it.
A new president coming into office allows him to select new committee members and
heads of committees. President Reagan chose Dr. Arthur Hayes to head the FDA
committee. Soon after Dr. Hayes heard that aspartame was not approved, he chose to
appoint another committee member. This new committee member voted in favor of the
approval, resulting in a tie.
Dr. Hayes had the authority to break the tie, and of course, he chose to approve
aspartame in 1981. It resulted in a massive catalyst for its approval worldwide, because
many of the countries of the world look to the United States as the leader in identifying
safety concerns. This was a massive, historic event, and, as you can see, was clearly,
heavily manipulated by political influences.
Furthermore, the FDA empanelled its own panel to review the Public Board of Inquiry.
Three of those people who were assigned to review the cancer part of the Public Board
of Inquiry, the part that said you can’t market it. Those three scientists, every single one
of them said, we agree with the Public Board of Inquiry. These are three FDA senior
scientists. “We agree with the Public Board of Inquiry.” They met with the commissioner
the night before he announced he was going to approve NutraSweet and begged him
not to approve NutraSweet.
As you’ll see documented in the 60 Minutes video below, in 1983, two years after the
FDA commissioner Dr. Arthur Hayes approved aspartame, he left the FDA under
charges of impropriety.
What’s really interesting is, the day after he left, he was hired by the PR firm for G.D.
Searle, the manufacturer of aspartame, with a compensation of $1,000 per day, or
about $300,000, in 1983. Today, that translates to about $1,000,000. So, [there is]
serious cause for reflection.Click Here!
Now if you’re only consuming aspartame intermittently or occasionally, it’s probably not
a big issue. More than likely, it’s not going to cause a problem, but the fact of the matter
is, it’s the most widely used artificial sweetener. It’s in over 10,000 products [author’s
correction: 6,000 products].
They even have new names for it now. It’s recently been called amino sweet. It’s every
bit as dangerous as aspartame.
Everything you’ve seen in this video applies to amino sweet. If you’re having soda,
artificial sweetener, anything that says no sugar, you have to be really careful and read
the label because it most likely has aspartame. Chewing gum is another one. If you’re
consuming any of these products, I implore you to do your research to carefully analyze
and evaluate it.
For more information, Cori Brackett has the Sweet Misery DVD which is available and
goes into more details. Clearly, this is information you’re going to need to help you
recover from the deception and manipulation that is pervasive in the drug and food
industry. These are the types of details that we want you to understand, to help you and
your family better take control of your health.Click Here!

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