Elijah Anderson American Sociologist


Elijah Anderson is an American sociologist. He holds the William K. Lanman, Jr. Professorship in Sociology at Yale University, where he teaches and directs the Urban Ethnography Project. Anderson is one of the nation’s leading urban ethnographers-ed cultural theorists. He received his B.A. from Indiana University, his M.A. from the University of Chicago and his Ph. D. from Northwestern University.
This policy brief because of intercity understanding of life from an earthly perspective of a person who lived through the up and downs of being active and obsessive. Personal interest in a geographical area that was not virtuous and what brought people to that point of view and how they came to carry on despite hardships and pitfalls.The modern urban life there struggles in the process of the never ending the fight for a self-identity which is most of the time never attained because of the ratio of probability. The realities are that most of the times people have perceived perceptions that stacked against the uninformed and less skilled person having little qualities of culture and learning.

The policy issues discussed urban decay in neighborhoods and the topic of homelessness; and how some black people persist in today’s society I believed Mr. Anderson has clay feet in interpreting of learning behavior because some of his examples were not precisely accurate or logical especially in explanation of an acknowledged situation. I believe MR. Anderson uses African-American propaganda to reason out a situation.
The orientation of the speaker was that of a consenting and progressive individual; in a declining family unit and community.

The goals of Elijah Anderson were to education and pass on by his parent. The research of his information was the base formation of social policy for government agencies.
Mr. Anderson was saying to elevate yourself with higher education and modify or enlighten yourself as in his personal situation.
The speaker had anecdotal information about his investigation of people in his surroundings.

The speaker had a batch of personal experiences but given to creative thinking because of a few of the terms presented by Mr. Anderson.
The speaker wrote about the praiseworthy who wanted to apply themselves with an ameliorate goodness versus an unqualified return to the rebellious and lawless streets; to be poorly adapted to his environment.

My ideas about the speaker were that he attain a folksy learning base as to promote his present position from his colored perspective of black life.


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