My most embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment.


I remember the time my brother I signed up for swimming lessons at the locate university; I dived into the pool head first with only three feet of water between me and paralysis, I had to be rescued by the lifeguard; asking, are you okay.
The incident happens so long ago; it still seems like yesterday.Well my father was a strict disciplinary that had no mercy for foolish behavior, and I found out the hard way with wounded pride is sometimes hurtful and was more embarrassing to little emotions of a ten-year-old, and then you have to face a wounded pride and a spirit of less confident.
I believe that most of the examples in our lives that we feel are embarrassing are sometimes put there so we can increase in strength of character to form a plateau in life and sometimes a mountain that will elevate you to a higher plane to filed in the catalog of life difficulties.
I hope this bit of information has helped someone to resist silly moments which has no substance to the brave hearted to overcome an awkward moment in life’s long and epic journey.
Embarrassing moments are like a massive weight around a person’s neck that we would like to cast into the bottom-most parts of the sea.





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