The Education Of The Architect

                                             The Education Of The Architect
 This study is so vast in extent; architecture is the development as if a young child brought out of necessity
 by a virtuous unity of ideas of reference to whom were given with a remarkable power of beauty that may be a
cultural content of a great society; the remarkable power of her sweet and gracious disposition . So from all
over the world they looked with wonder and adoration,believing it to be the work of the gods of Venus because
there beautiful shapes. They looked at the buildings with wonder; believing the finished product to be a living
concept from the bottom of a deep crystal sea of amazement. People no longer were amazed with, emotion, and
bewilderment and consciously ran to visit; and to pleasure the spirit and the soul. We mortals are worshiping
this structure gentleness and strength as to make a human being fall in love with the arrows of the heart .
We are all astonished at a building or an extremely beautiful building as we sit, with a strong appreciation
which delights the emotions.

Charles Dunn


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